Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Review: Luna Sport Moons

Today after class I was starving. (This was probably because I made the oh-so-smart decision to eat knock off pop-tarts for breakfast.) Usually I keep some type of snack around so that at times like these I don't go crazy with hunger and decide that McDonalds sounds like a good idea. (It never is.) So, today I started digging around in my bag for one of my go-to snacks (usually a Fiber One bar or a banana) but came up with nothing. That's when I started digging in my gym bag.

I managed to come up with a pack of Luna Sport Moons that were watermelon flavored. Granted, not the greatest snack, but it was something and by this time I was desperate. However, once I took a bite of the first "moon" I realized I was not desperate enough to eat these! They were disgusting. I didn't even bother to take a second one out of the package. Instead I threw the whole thing away.

So, while I wasn't testing these out during a long run like I had intended, I can tell you that if I had tried them during a run I would not have felt any more energized - because I would not have been able to force myself to eat enough to make any sort of difference.

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