Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thwarted (TMI Alert)

Today was set to be a 4 miler. I had about 1.5 hours between classes, so I ran over to our student rec center and hopped on the treadmill. Things were going along pretty well when, at around mile 1.5, I started burping. Salmon. While I enjoyed the grilled salmon sandwich I had for lunch, I didn't necessarily enjoy tasting it over and over again during my run.

Then, around 2 miles my stomach started rumbling. By 2.25 miles I had one of those "Oh my God. I have to go to the bathroom. Now." moments. (If you run somewhat regularly, you probably know what I am talking about.) I stopped the treadmill and walked (rather quickly) to the closest restroom. It was packed with undergrads who were changing clothes, despite the huge signs everywhere that say not to use the bathroom as a locker room. This is a tiny bathroom - two stalls and a small area with a sink - and there had to be at least 6 girls in there. I gave them my best exasperated look and went downstairs to the locker room to use the restroom.

When I came back upstairs I noticed something that I had overlooked in my rush to get to the bathroom - there was a line to use the treadmills. Damn you New Years Resolutioners!! After all this, I didn't have time to wait in line, finish my last 1.75 miles, take a shower and then make it to my class on time. So, I admitted that the universe - or at least salmon, undergrads, and school - was aligned against me and gave up. I stretched, took a shower and headed back to school.

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