Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another 3 miles down!

Today was a three mile run + strength day, so I hopped on the treadmill for about 35 minutes and got in my three miles. I still haven't done the strength part, but I think I will save that for my Wii Fit this evening.

On my last couple of runs, I have been making a real effort to clear my mind and to only focus on my breathing. Sort of like meditation or yoga mixed with running. It has (at least) two great benefits: (1) I'm not checking the stats on the treadmill or my Nike Plus every 2 minutes out of boredom and (2) I feel mentally refreshed, which is great because finals are quickly approaching and I need all the brain power I can muster. I also found a free video on iTunes U called "The Zen of Running" which explores "the relationship between physical activity and thought." I've downloaded it and am interested to see what it says.

In other news, Weight Watchers is unveiling a new plan called the "Momentum Plan." I'm not exactly sure what it entails, but, as far as I can tell, it is similar to the Flex Plan (which I have been doing since May of this year) with more of an emphasis on whole, natural foods. It sounds good, but I am wary of change, especially since I am just a couple of weeks away from making lifetime. We'll see. Hopefully we will be talking about it at my meeting tomorrow.

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