Thursday, December 18, 2008

Freedom! (and food issues)

At last it is here, the sweet smell of freedom. Freedom from classes, note-taking, studying and least for the next two weeks.

I had my last final this morning. It was three and a half hours of pure torture. When I was finished my mind was a mush of purchase-money security interests, priorities, and foreclosure sales; my body was physically weak; and I just wanted to get really drunk and/or cry and/or sleep. I did none of those. Instead I went to the mall to finish my Christmas shopping. Not exactly relaxing, but it did get my mind off the test and on to other things.

That being said, I did not run today. I've mixed this week up a bit due to my crazy finals schedule and the snow/ice storm that came in early in the week. Yesterday I ran 3.5 miles. It was a "eh" run. Not spectacular, but not horrible either. Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day, but since I "rested" today I'm going to do today's run tomorrow. I may end up doing this week over again, depending on how things go over the weekend. Whatever. I'm not in any particular rush.


Tomorrow (Friday) is my Weight Watchers meeting. Unless I have gained 3 pounds in the last week -- God I hope not -- I will be under my goal weight and become a lifetime member. Awesome!

Here's the problem. Ever since I made goal (145 lbs) I've had so much trouble staying motivated to track what I am eating. This is a problem for two reasons: (1) I would still like to lose 5-10 more pounds to have a "cushion" before I am over my goal weight and, most importantly, (2) I do not want to end up where I was before I started Weight Watchers last May. I'm afraid if I stop tracking I'll just slide down the slippery slope and back into my size 14 jeans. As it is I have gained (small amounts of) weight the last two weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow is the same.

Tomorrow starts a fresh "Weight Watchers week" for me -- new points tracker, WPA turn over, etc. I AM going to track all next week, even during Christmas. I'll report back on my progress to keep myself honest. ;)

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