Friday, December 12, 2008

Another day...

After my horrible run on Tuesday I took Wednesday off. Partially because I was feeling lazy and tired from hours and hours of reading all about secured transactions, but mostly because I was worried that I am getting sick.

About two months ago, I started coughing a lot. All the time. People were glaring at me in the library. About a week after the coughing started, I went to the doctor. She told me I had pneumonia and gave me some antibiotics. The antibiotics made me sick to my stomach. So I spent several more days coughing and vomiting. Great fun. I got the nausea under control and started to feel better. After I had been feeling better for about a week, I tried to run. Bad idea. The coughing came back with a vengeance, and my doctor made me swear off running until I was completely better. Getting completely better took two and a half more weeks.

So I really just started back running shortly before starting this blog, after having been sidelined for about a month. In the past week or so I have been coughing a little more than usual and have been extremely tired. Maybe it's just the stress of finals, but I am trying to take it easy just in case.

Yesterday I was feeling up to things, so I ran 3 miles. Compared to Tuesday it was a breeze. My heart rate was a little higher than I would have liked, but other than that it was a good run. Today is a day of rest, so I won't be hitting the gym. Instead I will be holed up in the library with my textbooks. Super.

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